Knightingale Landscapes Gardening Ideas For Small Gardens

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes so when space is limited  it’s important to get the right design that meets your needs.

Small garden ideas (2)Small Garden Ideas

At Knightingale Landscapes we have come up with gardening ideas for small gardens so that you can make the most of what space you have. Choosing the right plant life is essential in any garden but where space is at a premium getting it wrong will only lead to massive disappointment. You should not have to compromise because there is a wealth of plants shrubs and trees that will give you vibrant colour and pleasing smells throughout the year in a small garden.

There are lots of features you can put in your small garden to achieve the style you want.

Small Garden Pond

A small patio, decking, pond,Ideas For Small Gardens water feature, sleepers, stone or slate ground covering, coupled with the right vegetation can form part of the style you are looking for. So whether it’s a modern Contemporary, Mediterranean, Traditional or Cottage garden – whatever the look, working with you we can plan and design your small garden so that you can get the most out of your small space.

IMG_1049Small Garden Ideas

The Vertical Wall Garden

There’s an excellent spot for a vertical living wall in any garden, whether you’ve got acres of space or just a balcony in your highrise apartment, a wall garden allows you to grow a garden where you didn’t think you could.

Plants grow upward, like they would in a garden bed. It means a wall garden suits more plant
varieties & grow larger for longer. The wealth of benefits from this planting style includes insulating buildings and providing habitat for wildlife. Obviously there’s also the visual impact and pleasure of beautifying buildings and it can  provide screening. Vertical gardening can offset the impact of paving over front gardens, increasing vegetation in otherwise concrete-filled spaces.